February 8th, 2009

Wandering // Naruto

...Whut. No.

So I read this fanfic.

Itachi slid his hands away from kakashi thigh and father down his the man legs in, cupped his testicles ,which made kakashi whimper for more. Kakashi had now snap his gaze from the forest floor and was now looking straight into his eyes. Both Shargine lock on to each other eye's slowly trying to see into each other eyes.

But kakashi had notice Itachi feature were now clench ,the black magastamas in his cresion eyes started to rotate.

Itachi kidnaps Kakashi and rapes him. Apparently Kakashi is weirdly comforted by this(?) Sasuke also wants to rape Kakashi, and is pissed at Itachi about this instead of the whole 'killing the entire family' thing. Itachi has pillow fights with the rest of Akatsuki over Kakashi.

Collapse )

...Seriously though, next person who writes fic where Itachi is a rapist will get punched through a wall of fail. Wtf, people.