July 7th, 2009

Wandering // Naruto

Mello compels you to do both these memes

I've started reading the original Sailor Moon, because... well, because it's a classic, I guess? I have very fond memories of watching the fail dub when I was eleven or so. But the story-telling style in the original is so weird! It's tripping me out, seriously. And I got my sweet little grandma to read Death Note. This is awesome, y/n?

Also, I have stolen two shiny things from hieronymousb:

1. We as fans tend to be soft against authors that we respect, even admire. Yet almost all examples of modern media contain themes that don't exactly mesh with most self-described feminists' concept of the modern woman. Isn't one of the most common defenses for popular books, TV shows, movies, etc. with unfortunate implications on fandomsecrets "Hey, I'm a feminist and I LOVE Gurren Lagann! Therefore, it's not sexist!"?

I have a very vague idea for an experiment, perhaps in the form of a meme. Basically, participants would each pick any five of their favorite series or one-shots (not necessarily fandoms) and find at least one example of undeniable, indefensible sexism. Preferably, a work that gets your hackles raised whenever someone badmouths it and ESPECIALLY if you would otherwise consider the gender dynamics to be perfect. If my hypothesis is correct, most participants would have at least some difficulty looking at their favorite series with a jaundiced eye.

This is going to be fun~.

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Whew. Anyway. On to:

2. Okay, flist, time to get constructive and critical... but nicely, please.

Pick one piece of fanfiction I've written. I'll tell you one thing I didn't like about it, one thing I did and one thing I wish I would have done differently. Then, you give me one thing you didn't like, one thing you liked and one comment about it. The comment can be a question or in general remark or whatever you want. Post this in your journal so I can do the same.

And can I ask a favor with this? I'd love to hear critique on my newer stuff, of course, but if anyone remembers any of my earlier stuff at all, I'd also be interested in hearing about that.... Most of that stuff I haven't looked at in ages, so I've become sort of curious about it. (Like, what things in those early ones were actually good? What things were completely moronic? I think my writing has changed a lot since then.)