July 19th, 2010

Wurst // Hetalia

Back when I registered this account, I still thought names like xXxLovexXx were cool and edgy

Me: You know what's really ugly?
Me: Usernames with shitloads of unnecessary underscores in them.
Me: Goddammit, who does that? Like, nobody does that anymore.
Me: People who do that always put stupid Xs or Os or ~*~ or something around their name and it's fucking stupid.
Me: Like, what are you, like 12 or something?
Me: No, seriously, if I did that...
Me: ...................
Me: ...Oh.
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Owl // Count Cain

Ficlet -- "Still"

Wow. So apparently I haven't posted fic since February. Time to remedy that.

Title: Still
Fandom: Count Cain
Characters: Owl-centric; mentions of Alexis, Cain, and Jezebel
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 323
Warnings: Spoilers to the end of the series, mentioned character death, uh... somewhat experimental style?
Summary: Now is the time for the world to end, and it's up to Owl to remember
A better summary would be: In which Hester tries to figure out how to characterize Owl

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