March 24th, 2012

Ghosts // Pokemon

I was a more diligent student last year, I think

Somehow, I've managed to win a paper prize with a paper I wrote last spring. I won $250 . . . I don't actually give a fuck about the money. At all. I'm just really hoping this will look good on my application to grad school, resume, etc. etc.

But apparently the fact that I won means I get invited to a party. So I'm a bit excited about that as well . . . .

Otherwise, my life has been going fairly well. I have an original fiction story I've been working on, but I only have a couple thousand words written. I'm afraid to write more before I've done the actual research I need to do into my subject matter, but when I made a list of the things I'll have to look into, it all seemed a bit overwhelming.

I want to find a new job before summer comes. I don't mind my current job, but I want to work full-time . . . or maybe something like 25-30 hours, at least, over the summer, and I don't think I could stand actually working full-time cleaning dorms all summer long. I worked full-time for a couple weeks over winter break, and that was acceptable, but 3+ months would drive me crazy. There are only so many times one can clean the same bathrooms all day, every day, before one snaps. I expect.

I'd like to be able to move out this summer, too. Living by myself for once would be really nice; I need a lot of personal space.
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