May 11th, 2012

Alfred // Hetalia

Life update, or somesuch.

Moving in . . . hopefully within the week. Excitement, excitement. I am long overdue for living somewhere else.

Also, tomorrow is my last day at my current job. (It's not so much that I quit as that one doesn't necessarily work over the summer.) Friend has given me a recommendation for a new job, so I'm going to apply there on Monday.

Maybe going to Canada WHERE???? in a couple of weeks. It's not really a vacation . . . I'm finally getting off my ass and attempting to write a novel, and the novel takes place in Canada SOME WEIRD PLACE NO ONE'S EVER HEARD OF, so THIS IS RESEARCH, DAMMIT. All caps! Actually, I really like describing scenery, so seriously, it really is research.

Also working on sort of a long short story/short novella thing. Difficult because I am absolutely horrible at pacing and at describing action.

Have I ever mentioned that I've actually always really wanted to be a romantigoth? I've never done so because I'm extremely self-conscious. But now I'm considering it more. My extreme self-consciousness is no good and must be overcome.