July 8th, 2012

Wandering // Naruto

Hester's priorities aren't what they could be

Looking for tips on actually making the place you live in not look like crap all the time (read: my apartment currently looks like crap all the time) led to me winding up on this incredibly nauseating page.

I am almost entirely sure that it's not a good thing that the thing on here that upset me the most is the photo near the bottom of the page.

Not the horrible sexism.

Not the overall creepiness.

Nope. That photo.

Like, look at that woman's living room. LIKE SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THAT GODDAMN LIVING ROOM. That is seriously one of the ugliest rooms I have ever seen in my life, and dafuq, how can you give up your entire life to ~*~be a homemaker~*~ and not know how to paint a wall? A really average-looking white living room with family photos on the walls =/= "I spent time on this". The artwork at the top of the page set me up with very high expectations of what these people's houses are supposed to look like. On the other hand, I kind of like her dress, though. I would totally wear that if it were black or purple.
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