August 28th, 2012

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Roommate and I have been trying for literally almost a month now to get internet into our apartment. And how hard could that possibly be?

Well, first company we tried . . . The guy came out, but doing anything would have taken longer than expected; roommate had to go to work and I had a doctor's appointment. The guy wasn't allowed to work on it with no one home, so he had to leave.

So we rescheduled. Guy came out again. Turns out he couldn't get a signal because of the walls of the apartment, so he would've had to put something up on the roof. I said, "Okay, put whatever it is up on the roof." Then he realized that there wasn't a roof stair and he would have to climb through a hatch. This didn't look so hot to him, so he made up some excuse about needing the landlord to be there. (I am ~75% sure this was just an excuse, because he seemed totally willing to just assume the landlord would be okay up until he realized there wasn't a stair.) I wasn't able to get a hold of our landlord, so the guy left.

I tried calling the landlord again later, but he was out of his office. Left a message. He never got back. Later, roommate called him, and he gave her some inconclusive, inexplicable answer that didn't actually tell her anything.

So we decided to not do that company after all. Roommate called the company and talked to some woman who was on drugs and couldn't be made to understand that she wanted to cancel. (No, seriously, this person called her back several days later, and, still in a completely spacey way, asked her if when she called to cancel that meant she wanted to cancel.)

Tried a different company. They had to send us a modem. Of course we missed the first delivery because it's an apartment building. We thought it was coming from USPS so we could just go pick it up at the post office, which is right down the street. Instead for some reason it came by UPS. Their website was absolutely awful and wouldn't actually give any useful tracking information, so yesterday I just sat outside on the front steps for the four hour window they might deliver it in.

Finally got the modem. Went to set it up. We have literally one phone jack in the apartment. (There's something else they may once have been a jack, but it looks like it got in a fight with an army of rats or something because it's all nibbled-at.) The jack didn't work.

Called tech support and got some vaguely annoying person who, despite being vaguely annoying, was at least kind enough to schedule someone to come out this morning.

The guy actually came on time. Went to check stuff downstairs. Went to check stuff outside. I have no idea what was wrong with it, but it seems to have been something seriously wrong because he was starting to look as exasperated by all of this as I was.

Now it finally works. But. Seriously. All of this has been absolutely absurd.
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