November 6th, 2012


Election silliness, version 1.0

Ahhh . . . anxiety! Anxiety!

I actually don't care all that much who wins the presidential race. I mean, I realize that saying that is pretty much sacrilege, but . . . People seem to either love Obama or hate him. Same thing with Romney. And honestly, I can't figure out what's behind it in either case. Obama is a pretty typical Democrat and Romney's a pretty typical Republican. So basically either way we'll end up with a normal human (protip: Obama is not actually the Antichrist, in spite of what frightening numbers of people seem to believe) of one party or the other, just like most of the rest of the time. The truth is, America has yet to actually collapse into anarchy under the rule of DAT DAMN DIRTY OTHER PARTY yet, so . . . .

That doesn't mean that I'm not glued to the results, though. They're inexplicably fascinating to watch.

The ones that are actually making me anxious are the state results.

We have pretty much the stupidest proposed amendment to the state constitution ever on the ballot this year, and it's been making me nervous for weeks. If it goes through, gay marriage will be constitutionally banned in Minnesota. BECAUSE ASIDE FROM BEING HOMOPHOBIC, THAT'S A GREAT USE OF THE STATE'S CONSTITUTION, AMIRITE? This was the first year I voted, and I pretty much only voted to vote no on this craziness. So far, we seem to be winning . . . but . . . aargh . . . I won't feel okay until 80-90% of the votes are in. (As of right now, only a tiny percentage of MN's votes are in.)

Also, Bachmann seems to have a lead on her opponent in the House. Unfortunately, I don't live in District 6, so I didn't have the opportunity to vote against her, but I just want to say, DEAR WORLD. I AM SORRY ON BEHALF OF MY STATE THAT MICHELE BACHMANN CONTINUES TO EXIST AS A POLITICIAN. I SWEAR, NOT ALL OF US ARE LIKE THIS.