February 12th, 2013

Draw harder! // Avatar

Watch me post several months' worth of art

Apparently I'm awesome at drawing silly cartoons as long as I do it in the middle of the night. No other time of day is half as good.

In this batch:

Naruto -
Sasuke proves his superiority.
Sasuke discovers his brother's fanon day job, and is not amused.
Naruto characters if they were alcoholic beverages.
A crossover with A:tLA, featuring Sanddad and Ozai.
Some Akatsuki doodles.

Other stuff -
Doctor Who (Ten/Master)
Canterbury Tales

(Uhm, it's not reallly worksafe, but it's not really NSFW either. I mean, it's PG-13. It's just the kind of PG-13 that would probably be slightly awkward to be caught staring at in public.)

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