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Dear lord, I'm a bitch

I know it's probably really shallow of me, but it's starting to drive me nuts when people don't know things that I would consider really obvious. It' just driving me up the wall. For instance, a girl in my lit class asked what the present tense was. I wanted to grab her and scream at her, "If you don't even know what the fucking present tense is, what are you doing majoring in English?!" It's mean of me, but it's true. Stupid people are beginning to drive me insane.

Also, I'm not in the best of moods anyway today, since I woke up twice last night after having nightmares. Seriously, I hardly have any nightmares at all, so why two in one night? They were both about wishing for something and having your wish go horribly wrong, too; I wonder what that symbolizes?

Anyway, the point is: I'm in a crappy mood anyway, and all these stupid people are only making it worse.

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