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Evil!Paige Halliwell = My Dream Girl.... XD

I was watching Charmed reruns on TNT today, and I realized what one of my major tv show ( or anything for that matter ) pet peeves is. So, the Charmed episode was one of the very first ones with Paige in it, the one where the Source is trying to turn her evil or whatnot. And then it kind of struck me. What was the point of anything that happened in that episode anyway? I mean, it's not as if anyone watching actually believes for a second that the Charmed Ones' long lost sister is really going to turn evil. So why even have it there? I wish that there were more shows where I trusted the writers enough to believe that they might actually turn Paige evil for the sake of the plot ( and I don't mean like the time she got turned into a vampire. I mean, I want just for once, for a main character to actually make a choice to be evil. ) I think that that would be a rather refreshing change, don't you? Not that I *want* all of my favorite charcters to go psycho or anything, I just wish that somebody actually had the balls to do that whether they thought the audience would like it or not. Yes, tv shows, books, movies, etc. need to gather a fan base and be profitable. But they should also tell an interesting and well-thought-out story, not just telling people what they want to hear every single time. I dunno, it's just one of those things that really makes me sad-- when I fall in love with a fandom and then realize that the author or whoever doesn't really care about writing a story worth reading. ( And this is why I will always love the ever-fabulous Terry Pratchett. He can actually write a likeable story that still has deeper points to it. )

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