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I was feeling bored and depressed and also have a headache that is still refusing to go away two Excedrin later. So, I took the obvious solution: I went to go buy manga to make myself feel better. I got the first Claymore, which I'd been kinda wanting to read for a while anyway. All in all, I liked it. But. All the people have extremely widely spaced eyes and huge foreheads. It's scary. I feel like WWWWRRRRYYYY?!?!? It's disturbing to look at. But I'm very amused by Clare's ability to get hands stuck through her stomach without sustaining major damage. I wish I could do that ;_;

Also, not really related: I dreamt GinRan pr0nz the other night. Have you any idea how disturbing that was? Aargh, my poor virgin subconscious....
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