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Manga tiem nao!

Since I made a list of books, now I'm making a list of manga.

Trying to keep these in order from earliest to latest.

+ InuYasha: It got me into manga, and I was completely obsessed with it a couple of summers ago. I eventually stopped reading it when I got more obsessed with Fruits Basket, and/or the story started to suck. Favorite character: Sesshoumaru.
+ Fruits Basket: Before I started reading manga at all, I read some random stuff about Kyo online, and wanted to know more, but thought I'd probably never find out what he was from. Then I picked up the manga at random and miracleness happened. ...And then just a couple of weeks ago I got sick of it -.- Favorite character: Akito.
+ xxxHolic: jamklev got me into this. Really pretty art, but the story didn't do anything for me. Favorite character: Watanuki, I guess.
+ Fullmetal Alchemist: I was thoroughly obsessed with this about a year ago. Not much to say about it though, oddly enough. Favorite character: Riza. Envy, Ed, and Pride!Ed were tied for second.
+ Love Hina: Borrowed two volumes from jamklev. I guess it just didn't interest me.
+ Chobits: Liked it at first, but got sick of it after a few volumes. Favorite character: Minoru.
+ Ouran Highschool Host Club: I actually would have liked to finish this one, but I knew I wasn't going to. Oh well. Favorite character: Kyoya I think that's his name....
+ Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle: I liked it! But I never got beyond volume 2, because I realized that one of my OCs is a lot like Fai, and I didn't want the one to unduly influence the other. And yes, Fai was my favorite character.
+ Bleach: I think we already know my feelings on this. Favorite character: probably Aizen.
+ Death Note: I watched the anime first. I think this is the best manga I've read in terms of plot. Wish the fadom weren't so scary, though. Favorite character: L.
+ Claymore: I just started it, so not entirely sure what I think quite yet. And I can't get any more right now, b/c the stupid Barnes + Noble around here doesn't have vol. 3 in stock. Favorite character: Probably Clare, but I also like Rubel, or Louvre, or whatever his proper name is.
+ Count Cain: This is entirely rikoren's fault, and I bear no responsibility for fangirlish actions that may or may not take place. Actually, they already have taken place, but you all have been saved from the results due to the fact that I don't have access to a scanner. Favorite character: Cain. ( Damn my apparent newfound like for main characters! )

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