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I'm not dead! (No, really....)

1) Went to Florida on vacation. It was... pretty annoying, to be honest. I guess I can't really deal with being in a small space with two other people 24/7, because it was driving me nuts to the point that I had an emotional breakdown. At least I got to collect sea shells while I was there. I'm glad to be home though. Back to the internets~.

2) The idea to write Owlcentric crackfic came to me in a dream. Hopefully I'll be able to write now that I'm not in evil Florida anymore.

3) Observation #1: the women in Claymore all have thighs but no hips. I'm starting to wonder if the author has ever actually seen a woman.

4) Observation #2: there was a long stretch of road that we were on while driving back in which there was a Waffle House, a Cracker Barrel, and a Hooters in pretty much every town we went by. It was... unusual.

5) I'm officially Wapanese. There were a whole bunch of Japanese tourists at a mall we went shopping at in Florida, and I wanted to yell "Take me with yoooooouuuuuu!" Nevermind that I can't actually speak Japanese.... Yes, definitely Wapanese. Next time I fill out a survey or somesuch that asks for race, I'm totally putting that.

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