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Because who doesn't dream of one day living in the sewers?

Count Cain:

1. I cried. I thought I would, then I thought I wouldn't since I had gotten basically to the end without crying. But for some reason I suddenly burst into tears while reading the very last sentence. It was so sad.

2. Poor Cassian. After having a crappy life as a circus freak, he ends up with a crappy life as a random homeless guy living in the sewers. Oh joy.

3. The whole Augusta revelation thing was too abrupt for my liking, though. I guess I wish she would have built up to it more, because it sort of felt pasted on. (In other words, even though it's a big revelation, I don't know that it actually changes anything.) Eh, I knew it was coming, but it irritated me anyhow.

4. But there was more Owl! That solves everything &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts

5. I'm glad that Jezebel got... the closest thing to a happy ending that it really would have been possible for him to have anyway.

6. Admittedly completely personal opinion, but it also irked me that Merryweather never seems to truly consciously accept Cain's death. It wouldn't bother me but for the fact that she's supposed to be the one who won't fall prey to the family curse... and yet she's doing the same running away from/ avoiding the truth thing that the rest of the family does.


7. Damn, original!Ulquiorra's freaky looking. I'd forgotten how completely bizarre and not pretty at all he looks. Oh KT, what do you have against the pretty people...?

8. My mom thought that Matsumoto in her school uniform was Orihime. Lol.

9. But I am glad that they finally got this volume out. Why did they miss December, though? D< I still don't get it.

10. Also, Ulquiorra's volume poem is just about the best thing ever. It's like what would happen if a philosopher robot decided to write emo poetry.

And for both:

11. Curse you stupid Viz translators! Please try to find someone to teach you how to write properly in English. Also, plz to be using less exclamation marks. I really don't know if obscenely huge amounts of them are proper in Japanese, but they're not in English; they just look stupid and you should know that!(!!!?!) Nobody yells all the time, so you shouldn't need anywhere near the amount of them that you use.

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