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I'm nuts. Anyway, next order of business...

There's a piece of pencil lead on my desk. Everytime I look at it, it keeps getting smaller and smaller. In other words, I guess I didn't escape hallucinations after all. -.-

But that's not important. What is important is...

So, basically looking for (a?) new series to start. The potential list is as follows:

+Revolutionary Girl Utena: Sounds interesting, but from what (very little) I know about it, I'm worried about how much sense the plot makes. Opinions? I swear, next time I read something that ends up not making sense, I'll go nuts and set everything on fire.

+Sailor Moon:Um... um...Yeah, I know. But although I remember it being weird, all I actually remember is the unintentionally hillarious English version. It's like they tried to take out all the subtext... but somehow managed to instead make it into supertext.

+TRC: I started it, then decided I didn't care, and now I kinda want to read it again. I don't even know anymore.

+X: rikoren recommended it to me. Something about the end of the world and dragons? I've already forgotten....

Or should I just surrender to my sinful desires to actually read Naruto? But I went to its section on the Pit today, and all I can say is DDDDDDDDD:

Anyway, opinions from anyone who actually got through all of babbling are very much welcome.

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