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Happy belated Valentine's day <3

Edited to fix a stupid typo I should have noticed the first time around -.-

Title: Runs in the Family
Fandom: Bleach
Author: Hester
Characters: Byakuya/Renji and Rukia/Renji (both one-sided, alas)
Genre: Fluff?
Rating: PG(-13? Maybe?)
Warnings: Language
Summary: Renji has a secret admirer, and Rukia and her nii-sama have no intention of helping him figure it out.
Disclaimer: Bleach is owned by a strange man with strange ideas about fashion who lives on a magical island far away... I am not him.
A/N: I wrote shounen-ai. For Bleach. This will probably never happen again, so treasure it while it lasts XD

As she came close to the room, Rukia could hear Renji’s voice. As always, he was angry about something. Typical Renji, she thought to herself, trying to feign annoyance, but in truth she couldn’t quite bring herself to. He was Renji, and he was typical, and that was a good thing. She didn’t know what she would do if he ever stopped being himself. Besides, she couldn’t help but like him more when he was on about something or another. It was... well, it was cute.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder what could possibly be irritating him on today of all days. It was Valentine’s Day after all... maybe he hadn’t gotten anything? No, that couldn’t be it. Even if no one had given him anything yet, he had to know that she wasn’t going to forget... right?

It was certainly a puzzle, and even though she knew that strictly speaking she probably shouldn’t, Rukia couldn’t help herself. She set the box of chocolates down carefully and edged toward the door until she was close enough to hear what was being said.
“And I’m telling you it wasn’t! This is ridiculous,” came Renji’s voice.
“C’mon, Taichou. I know you’re covering for someone.”
“Abarai. For the last time, I’m doing no such thing.”
“Then explain how these got here.”
“Is there a point to any of this?”
“I– what? Yeah! Of course there is.”
“And what is it, pray tell?”
“Someone leaves me this super-expensive box of candy, and all these flowers, like they’re... they’re trying to put me in their debt or something, and then doesn’t even leave a card or anything telling me who it’s from. That’s the point!”
“And then you tell me that you’ve been in here all day, and you didn’t see anyone come in and drop them off.”
“That would be because I didn’t, Abarai.”
“And you’re sure they weren't there when you got here?”
“I think I would have noticed. Please don’t make me explain all of this again.”
“Maybe you went out for awhile and someone came in while you were gone, huh?”
“This is getting boring. As I already told you, I’ve been catching up on paperwork all day.”
“Aha! Then maybe you went back to your office to grab some of it, right?”
“Abarai, I can assure you that I won’t be going back to my own office until pest control has assured me it’s safe again.”

Of course, Rukia thought to herself. Byakuya-niisama had his own private office, of course, but it wasn’t in use at the moment. From what she had heard, Kenpachi had dropped Yachiru off there a few days ago; she didn’t know exactly what had transpired to require the intervention of Fourth’s pest control squad, but whatever it was, to say her brother had been displeased would be to put it mildly. Ever since then, he had been sharing Renji’s office.
“What, they’re still in there?”
“I’m told that they’re breeding, in fact.”
“Oh. Well... if you didn’t leave, how could these have possibly gotten here, then?”
“For the last time, Abarai...”
“But if the only person who’s been here is you, and you didn’t see anyone... ah, fuck it! I have no idea!”
“It certainly is a mystery, is it not?”

Rukia had to turn and run before she dissolved into a fit of giggles that was sure to give her away. (Later, Renji would find her box of chocolates in the hallway and begin a whole separate tirade about how “They’re doing it again, Taichou! Just wait until I find out who did this!”)

Apparently thinking that Renji was cuter when he was mad was something that ran in the family.
Tags: bleach, boysex!, crack, fanfic, shipping
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