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Ten things that recently made me happy

1. It's almost spring, and I'm already feeling better. During winter, I forget just how depressed winter makes me and start to think it's normal.

2. Finally got around to divulging info on my omgtopsecret!book thingy I'm working on to Mom. It's... reassuring to know that the plot is at least somewhat coherent to somebody who isn't me.

3. Yay for whoever decided to compress the first three volumes of Tsubasa into one giant volume, thus making it infinitely less expensive for me. <3

4. Tortellini... I think that's what kind of pasta it was, anyway. I no longer want to eat anything else ever again. Well, that and chocolate frosting. Preferably not together.

5. I had a cumulative math test today, and for the first time in years, didn't want to die during it.

6. Except for Tuesdays and Saturdays, I now have some time alone every day of the week. Thankfully.

7. I have an upcoming paper that I could probably write entirely in netspeak and get away with it.

8. I like my hair better when I remember to dye it.

9. I'm actually not obsessing over anything right now, but don't feel horribly empty. What is this, mental health for once?!

10. The track changes feature on msword. It makes everything all crossed-out and underlined, and you can see what happened... yes, I am easily amused.

Tagging amorra7 because I know that jamklev won't do it anyway.

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