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That damn vampire...

I'm a little less confused now. I was really hoping that Crowley was going to die on the ark, even if it would have meant sacrificing Kanda as well. For some reason, that vampire is really getting on my nerves. I like Hebraska just for her name; she's like Nebraska, except for not being a big, empty state in the midwest. The guy with the Hitler mustache (whose name I've already forgotten) freaks me out. Allen's starting to annoy me a bit, even if he is adorable, just because he always has to be so special all of the time. Gag me with a spoon. Lenalee's irritating me a bit too, although I'm not sure quite why. Ticky's awesome since he finally gives me someone to associate with the song "Excitable Boy." And I want the Earl's hat.

Still don't get what the title refers to. Damn.

And a random question for my itty bitty flist: does anyone know anything about alchemy? I'm trying to figure out how the seven different processes relate to the different colored states (ie, which process leads to which state), and... it's driving me nuts. Gah.

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