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Quick lunchtime snark

It's snowing here. Again. Even though it's practically April. Not just is it snowing, it's snowing pretty heavily, and it's all the really wet, slippery stuff, so the sidewalks are all covered in ugly slush.

...Which got me thinking about fangirls and the 'Speshulest Snowflake' mentality, which got me depressed. Maybe it's just because I'm becoming jaded very quickly, but the fan-related portions of the internets are starting to bum me out majorly. Seriously, all you have to do is go look on any popular section of ff.net to find a thousand sixteen-year-olds (no offense to young writers who are actually good) who think that they are Special and Original and Deep, and that they are already gods among writers. It makes me wonder if people actually stop to read before they write. Surely they notice that there are already two other fics about abused half-demon girls with powers the likes of which the world has never seen before on the same page as them.

I don't know, it's depressing because I remember when I thought exactly the same way; I was a Great Writer, and everybody would surely be jealous of my purple prose. (I couldn't take criticism either, because I was Perfect, and anybody who didn't like my writing obviously just wasn't deep enough to get it.) Although in my defense, I didn't actually spend much time on the internet at that point, so I really did think that my shitty (and fortunately never-posted) Dramione fics were Very Original.

The point is that after stepping out of my bubble of speshulfulness, it's depressing to see all of the people who are still in theirs. They used to be fun to snark, at least; now it's just getting boring. People need to figure out that the internet is not a place designed for loving you for you. That's what your family/friends are for, kids; the internet is, you know, a means of accessing information. These are very different things, so if all the information we have about you is that you write crapfic... don't expect people to suddenly start caring about you as a person. Gah. When you put them all together, special snowflakes just turn into a big, featureless snow bank.

...Okay, I feel slightly better now. Sorry about that, I just needed to get that out of my system.

I liked the ending. They'd spent so much time developing the characters that it worked well to have the entire last volume be purely character-related, and finish off the actual plot well before that (never thought I'd say that).
They tied everything up nicely, although I was a little annoyed by how many people end up their true loves at the end. They're so young that, all potential creepiness aside, it just seems like their feelings could so easily end up changing over the next few years alone.

And Tomoyo. Oh, Tomoyo. I feel for her, and it's nice the way she (and Clamp) basically lets things be. I'm glad that she neither tried to interfere with Sakura and Syaoran's relationship nor ended up with someone else entirely, which would have felt forced. Sonomi is awesome too, and she's my hero(ine) for being the only person in the series who thinks that Fujitaka's a bad man for running off with his 16-year-old fangirl student.

Spinel is adorable, and I was starting to like Ruby more by the end, even though he/she/it annoyed me quite a bit when it was first introduced. Eriol... I can't honestly say I liked him, since he's basically Clow Lite, but he didn't irritate me either. And speaking of Clow, I wanted more of him. Dammit Clamp, what do I have to do to get me some Clow in here?! *Cue fangirling*

All of the 'lol, s/he was about to tell hi/r s/he loved hi/r, but then they were interrupted, lulz' scenes got really, really old, though. They could have at least come up with a more creative reason for the truth not coming out. Same thing with Touya and Yukito. If my best friend/possible boyfriend were actually not human, and about to disappear due to not having enough magic, and he didn't know any of this... I would, you know, sit him down and tell him this. I get it that Ruby kept interrupting, but surely he could have told it to gtfo sooner... right?

Eh, overall I liked it though, and at least now I won't feel like I'm missing something when reading Tsubasa/xxxHolic. Plus T/Y is the cutest thing since sliced bread (I have no idea), and you all know it.
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