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Meds, Tsubasa, meme, Tsubasa again, things Vetinari would not do

1. Doctor gave me Effexor. I don't know yet if it'll work; I haven't felt any change yet, but that's not surprising at all. Mom sounded slightly dubious about whether it'd work; I wonder why? I would say that maybe my previous meds didn't work that well, but I honestly don't remember all that well. Anyway, it's a little bit hard to say, since I wasn't on them very long; I suppose that it was probably due to my being 12 at the time. Aren't there a lot of cases of tween/teenagers going nuts after being on antidepressants? But whatever.

2. I've realized why the Tsubasa fandom's... kinda awesome. I love how Fay is the most obviously Sue-able character, but most of the Fay/OFC fics on the Pit have reviews have reviews saying, "*coughcough*He's gay, sweetheart." I guess that poor Crystal Raven Moonlight Silver Ebony's out of luck, huh? Isn't there an icon saying basically the same thing? Oh Tsubasa fandom, I love you hard. If only you had more variety. It does get boring after a while to see nothing but K/F and S/S (and maybe the occasional mention of vampires or clonecest). :/

3. It's that time again. Meme time!

a. Post a list of 25 fandoms.
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

1. Bleach: Aizen-- He was so very cute in a weird way back when he was being Captain Niceguy. And then you find out that he's very smart and sneaky as well, so that made me happy. Also, I like that 'Aizen' is apparently a pun on 'before love.' Aizen/Momo ftw!
2. Death Note: Mello-- He looks all girly and eats chocolate, but is actually a badass. Plus, he's one of the only people in DN I can empathize with. I dunno, even though I like some of the others, most of them felt kinda... flat to me. No emotions.
3. Fruits Basket: Hatori-- ...Eh, to be honest, I'm not actually that fond of him. But I guess that the way he puts up with Akito, Shigure, and Ayame, and hasn't yet murdered any of them is pretty impressive.
4. Count Cain: Cain-- I like that he's a fragile person, emotionally speaking. It makes him interesting to write about (if I ever get off my ass again...).
5. Claymore
6. Tsubasa: Touya-- He has unerring instincts, since he doesn't like Syaoran. Also, he and Yukito are cute as always. If only they had a bigger part in the story TT
7. xxxHolic: Doumeki-- Um, I like that he can obviously annoy Watanuki constantly? I dunno.... Oh, I like that he has an ancestor who looks exactly like him. And who seems to be stalking Watanuki. ...Damn, what is this family's obsession with Watanuki?
8. Cardcaptor Sakura: Kero-- He's cute, and he flies around... actually, I like the way his wings look a lot. Also, I would like a Kero plushie. But official anime plushies never look right to me, so maybe I'll have to make my own....
9. Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy-- Enveh. Pwns. Everything. I like that he's confident enough in his, uh, androgynousness to run around in a skirt (well, a skort, I guess) and belly shirt. Also, he insults Ed's height, or lack thereof.
10. Harry Potter: Sirius-- I liked him a lot in GoF. He seemed very wise then, and helped the trio out a lot. I didn't like him so much in OotP though; he was very annoying. I guess I was kinda relieved when he died, and even more relieved at the end of DH that he never came back.
11. Discworld: Death-- I think he turns up at some point in every book. It's fun. Also, I like how Death is more often than not the good guy. And now I want a white horse named Binky.
12. Doctor Who
13. Torchwood
14. Law and Order
15. Law and Order: SVU
16. NCIS
17. InuYasha: Sesshoumaru-- ...Is obviously my favorite in the whole series, hands down. I guess I just like that very cool, detached type of character.
18. Ouran Highschool Host Club: Kyoya-- See above. Also, I like how he has a very 'I am the mastermind of everything, bwa ha ha' feel to him.
19. Chobits: Minoru-- He's little and cute and smart! What's not to like? Also, I managed to convince myself at one point that he himself was a very clever persecom in disguise.
20. Life on Mars
21. Fairy Cube
22. Trinity Blood
23. House: House-- One word: snark.
24. Sweeney Todd: Mrs. Lovett-- Her hair in the movie was like... some sort of very frightening rats' nest. (Yes, that is a thing that I like about her.) Also, it amused me how completely oblivious she was.
25. The Bluest Eye Just because I want rikoren to relive the terror of imagining what its fandom would be like. >D

4. Clone!Syaoran apparently does not want me to write about him, and apparently also understands how to use a computer better than I do. *Sigh* If only I understood what I'm supposed to do when a program wants to be de-bugged. There are no feathers inside my computer, dammit! If there were, it wouldn't be so slow.

5. NSFW-- This guy. Is the freakiest thing. I have seen. In a long time. (You have to actually read one of the fics to understand the full freakishness.) Honestly, everyone's entitled to their own kinks, but someone needs to learn to write theirs in a way that actually seems... you know, kinky, not just boring and eew. Also, ff.net is not the place to post your guide to How to Be a Male Sub. Seriously, it isn't, not even if you pretend it's fanfiction. Also, I... don't think that Lord Havelock Vetinari thinks of himself as "her perfect bimbo butt boy fuck slave." Just sayin'.
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