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Mental illness, Ling: Rassilon would not approve, dorky Doctors, gap-toothed Gwen

Having an unreasonably crappy few days here. Last night, I had a migraine for the first time in my life; eventually, I had to throw Nicole out of the room because the light from her computer and the sound of her typing were hurting me. Also, I'm starting to feel completely floaty, and like I don't exist at all. This is a bad thing. Basically, if it keeps going like this, I'm going to go completely nuts again, which would not be fun. Thinking about fandom to take my mind off of things...

I hadn't read this in, like, a year, and even then, I was more concerned with the anime. Now that I've actually read the manga and seen how it's different, I like it a lot more, although admittedly I'm usually prejudiced in the favor of manga versions anyway. Ling is my new favorite person in the world; it's depressing that he got edited out of the anime. I can't help but wonder if there's going to be a new Lust at some point-- her role was actually pretty small, if you think about it. Maybe fanon will become canon and we'll see Lust!Riza? I'd be amenable to that; it'd certainly be interesting, at any rate. Also, then we'd finally get to see for certain whether becoming a homunculus turns your hair black. However, Lust!Roy would probably be more accurate. -.-

Envy is my twu wuv again. Oh Enveh, how I missed you. I'm sort of worried about sort of person it was before it got turned into a homunculus, though. Same thing with Gluttony. I would like a giant true form plushie to go on my bed and worry passers-by. I don't like fetus!Envy though, it's just... weird. Fetus Envy sounds like it ought to be some bizarre psychological condition.

I didn't really like anime!Hohenheim, but his manga self is admittedly pretty awesome. (I can't help but suspect that his Stuishness level is over 9000, though....) Oddly enough, I also don't mind Kimbley as much as I did before. I think his reasoning makes a bit more sense in the manga, so the even if you don't agree with him, at least you can kinda see where he's coming from. Olivier is scary (obviously, it must run in the family, even if she doesn't get pink sparkles), but Miles is awesome. Scary little kids are scary, also. (Hey, when something freaks out Riza, I think you know it's time to run for the hills.) Just thought I should say that. Winry still bores me. It's not that I dislike her per se; she's just sort of... eh. The idea of Mustang becoming Fuhrer and then charging himself with war crimes is hilarious and awesome and made of win. Yeah, go Roy!

I like Scar's interesting personality change as well. Yay for dynamic characters! Maybe by the end, he won't want to kill Marcoh at all. (Although I am disappointed that he and manga!Lust have no connection-- that was one of my favorite relationships in the entire series, dammit!)

My biggest problem is... why does everyone have to be so muscular? It distresses me to look at. DX

We're just starting the new season now, because America can be really fucking slow sometimes. Christmas special was... okay, I guess. No better or worse than I would have expected. I have officially decided that I like Ten, though. He can live. :D Dorkiness + glasses + TARDIS = winwinwin! Hopefully the rest of the new season is good. (And I do so hope that the rumors about Rose coming back are lies. She got so shippy and clingy and scary that I think I'll have to stop watching if she makes a reappearance.) I do, however, want to see new!cracky!Master come back. Maybe he can steal his wife's body. I would lol.

Anyway, he and Romana are the only ones I can bear to see the Doctor shipped with, since they're, you know, the same species and all, so maybe if he comes back I could actually bear to look at the Who fandom. I would say that I gather that it's pretty bad, but then again, I like Bleach, so, uh, I'm pretty sure that I have no right to talk. Too much Drose is bad for my few remaining brain cells.

Season 2 is can be has been finished. NOOOOOO, TOSH! I'll miss forevah! Okay, maybe not, but she was so cute and adorkable. I'm sad. Am I the only one hoping that Captain John doesn't become a main character? He irritates me, although I'm not too sure why. Maybe it's because he seems so much larger-than-life that he doesn't come across as being a real person. Also, I can't help but think that Ianto will be... displeased... if he stays on.

All in all, it was a much better finale than last season's. Not as maudlin and weird and nonsensical. Gwen was as weirdly stupid this season as ever she was, but I suppose that there's not much else to be expected from her. Yes, let's still do the wedding, even though I'm pregnant with an alien! There are no foreseeable problems here whatsoever! Also, that stupid gap in her teeth is trying to melt my eyes.

I wonder if Martha will be back to replace Owen as official Torchwood doctor? That would be okay, I guess. I like random tarot!girl, and hope she'll be back as well. Merryweather!
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