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Because going crazy is bad for the brain

...I wrote a small ficlet so as to not start frothing at the mouth.

Title: Cute
Fandom: xxxHolic, with hints of CCS
Author: Hester
Characters: Yuuko and Clow, with an appearance by Kero and mentions of CCS!Sakura
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: In the end, Clow's not cute at all.
Disclaimer: If I ever find Yuuko's shop, I'll wish for them. In the meantime, they belong to Clamp.
A/N: What's with Clow's amazing propensity for making extremely cute things, anyway?

“And that’s it?” Yuuko asked, raising one eyebrow. Clow was holding a tray with what looked like two giant puffball mushrooms with ears sitting on it.
“Aren’t they cute, Yuuko-san?”

She picked them up and examined them. “They look... lumpy. You’re no good at sewing, you know that?”
“Sorry,” he replied, shrugging. “Fur was harder to work with than I thought.”
“When we make the real ones, we should make them easier to tell apart,” she commented, as she placed both white balls of fluff back on the tray. “Make them different colors or something.”

She paused, then, “They are kinda cute, though.”
“Thank you, I do believe I have a knack for it.” He nodded to where Kerberos slept, curled up in his miniature form in a beam of sunshine. Yuuko shook her head.
“Calling your own creations cute, Clow? You aren’t cute at all; you’re awful.”
“Oh, come on. He’s adorable; he’s the perfect guardian for a young girl like her.”
“Planning for the future?”
“Of course. Sakura’s going to be the new Mistress, you know. I need to ensure that every provision is made to take care of her, so that when...” His voice trailed off as Yuuko looked down. She never looked him in the eye when he spoke of that; she figured she might as well start to punish him now since she would no longer be able to when the time came. With her black
dress, her neck bent gracefully downwards, she already looked almost like someone preparing to go to a funeral.
“ ...Yuuko-san?”
“You really are awful,” she whispered, no longer joking.
Tags: angst, ccs, clamp, fanfic, xxxholic

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