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Secks! Stolen from a random journal

Today feels gross. I started reading Naruto, but bizarrely enough it made me feel more nauseous. Go figure. Believe it!

Anyway. Teh secks meme:

List ten fictional people you would have sex with. Apparently, I'm also supposed to tag ten people, but whatever.

1. Akito Sohma
2. Sousuke Aizen, because everybody would have sex with Aizen!
3. Miria
4. Mello
5. Yuu Kanda is a girl in my twisted world, dammit.
6. Yuuko Ichihara
7. Fay D. Flourite (Lol wut.)
8. Riza Hawkeye
9. Lust (Ahaha)
10. Chizuru Honsho is the only person on this list who would have sex with me. Oh, the tragic life of a fangirl.
Tags: oh god not a meme

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