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Lea este y tomar apuntes, don Pablo!

The school paper at my school SUCKS! These people cannot write! It's driving me crazy.

On the other hand, my Spanish class has rebelled against our sucky teacher. We have an appointment sometime this week to talk to the principal about his horrid teaching, so hopefully we can get something done about him. Somebosy who speaks and teaches as poorly as he does should not be allowed to teach an AP class. He tries to give commands using the infinitives of verbs. So, he'll say "Escuchar a este y tomar apuntes", which basically means that he just said "To listen to this and to take notes". Pidgin-Spanish, much? Yaargh, he should be teaching Spanish I, where he hopefully can't do too much damage. Plus, he's gotten all uber-strict about not reading books or doing homework for classes, which would be perfectly acceptable if only he were actually going to teach us something interesting. But he just talks about random stuff which doesn't help better our Spanish in any way, tyvm. Basically, I can't stand the guy ( Plus, he's really creepy. Nobody wants to be alone in the room with him. )

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