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Scary sweater guy's gonna eat me D:

FUCK YEAH, SEAKING! Psst, if you take the quiz, remove the alt text and the crap at the bottom before posting the results.

If only this saved me from having to talk to my absolute scariest professor tomorrow about whether I'm going to fail his class or not. You know it's hopeless when the dean is telling you that you're probably going to die. D: Oh well, she says that if I am dead in the water, which I probably am, she'll try to use her ninja powers to magic me out of the class even though we are past the official deadline for dropping. Still scary, though. Also, I'm going to have to talk to all of my other teachers too, including the one on the completely opposite end of the spectrum: trying super super hard to be nice and helpful to the point where it gets to be kinda annoying!teacher. Although I probably shouldn't say anything bad about her since I really, really do need to pass her class.

According to saphira112, the next fic I'll be writing is Tsubasa fluff. Oh well, at least one good thing I can say about going crazy is that it gives you a lot of time to write. If only I could just convince myself that I, you know, exist. That would be nice.

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