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Today is a wonderful day~ <3. I'm now done with school for the semester (and I'm pretty sure I aced my math final, too), which is very nice. And I've been reading a book on the philosophical aspects of different kinds of yoga, which is all very interesting. (The only problem is that the only type of yoga that's really made it to the US is hatha yoga, which I'm not intersted in. I fear that trying to find a teacher for any of the others is going to be a near-hopeless task. I'm most interested in Bhakti and Jnana yoga, if anyone has any advice for these.)

Today is also May 13th, which makes it the ancient Roman festival of Lemuralia. Also the anniversary (pre-anniversary?) of my favorite of my own characters's death. (Intentional, because I'm a symbolism nut.)

Also, Tsubasa fic hopefully soon. (I feel like I keep saying that, but oh well -.-)

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