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Yo Speako el Gud Spanglish.

I keep on forgetting to update this stupid thing, oh noes. Anime Detour is this weekend, woot!
But I'm really only here to bitch about my Spanish teacher... I think that my parents are probably sick of hearing about it by now.

Oh don Pablo. You drive me crazy. You are quite possibly the most irritating, stuck-up, obnoxious idiot-who-thinks-he-can-teach whom I have ever had the misfortune to have to spend an hour every weekday with ( admittedly, my state has pretty good schools, so this probably isn't saying too much. But still. )

Whoever it was who had the idea that you should teach an ap class should be attacked by a hoard of violent squirrels. Oh wait. That person was you ;)

So let's see...first of all, everybody in our class hates you. And everybody in all of your other classes, from what I gather. Every time you leave the room, one of my friends throws something at you as you leave. We. All. Hate. You. Get it?

You know that you're not being a very good teacher. I can tell. But instead of actually doing anything to improve, you blame it all on us. Did you forget to tell us something? Oh no, never. 'You must not have been here that day.' *cough* *hack* *kill* My dear don Pablo, I have perfect attendance for this year. And let me tell you, you haven't covered half of the stuff that you claim that you have. Idiot. Even students who aren't in Spanish know how incompetent you are. I have a friend who has never taken any Spanish at all, and yet still expresses a desire to scream at you that you're a pervert on the lasy day of school. And speaking of being a pervert... let's find a name for a certain classmate of mine. Let's call her Blaze. Blaze hates you, and you'de have to be blind not to notice it. So why would you grab ( excuse me, accidentally brush against ) her butt? How stupid are you? That's just disgusting, btw. Talk about, like, 30-year age gap, there.

Not to mention the fact that even if you weren't creepy, there would still be the problem that you just cannot teach. At all. It wouldn't be such an issue if you were just one of those teachers who's only in it for June, July, and August. No, that would be bearable, because then you be willing just let us do whatever. But no. You've gotten super-strict on us, but you can't be bothered to make sense when you talk. Your explanations of pretty much anything are just teh suxx0rz. Spanish ap is supposed to learn all of the verb tenses. Guess how many you've actually taught us so far? 1/2. It really shouldn't be possible to half-teach a tense, but you, with your great powers of stupidity, have somehow managed. Sometime in the fall, you gave us 'a preview' of the imperfect subjunctive. You gave us the conjugation ( one form, although apparently there are two ) of it, and you sort of explained the meaning. But even though we do a scary amount of practise discussion in this class, we've never done any real practise with this tense. Even though any half-way competent teacher would know that alot of people have trouble even with the present tense of the subjunctive. But I digress. So, even though you really didn't explain it properly and haven't given us time to get comfortable with it, you just randomly expect us to know it.

As far as I can tell, your basic method of teaching is trial-and-error: you ask somebody a question, and if they get it wrong, you tell them why they suck. Nice going. Maybe, just maybe, you could try explaining the rules of something beforehand, not just asking questions until someone makes a mistake.

Besides that, you claim to be a native speaker. You talk all the frikkin' time about how you're Guatemalan and proud. Whoop-de-frikkin-do. First off, your mom is Guatemalan, not you. She is ( was? ) a native speaker. You are not. You probably grew up hearing a lot of Spanish words being tossed around. Guess what? That's not the same thing is growing up bilingual. If it were, the children of every anime fangirl in the universe would be fluent Japanese speakers. But anyway.... And you talk so much about what Guatemala is like, and about spending time with your Guatemalan cousins. Well, a while back, one of my friends asked you about your life in Guatemala. And guess what? It turns out that you only went there after you had already gotten out of school. Sorry, don Pablo, but that doesn't really count as your childhood. And anyway, whether you're a native speaker or not shouldn't really matter. You're the one who makes it into such a giant issue. No matter what country you're from, if you're teaching a laguage, then you ought to, oh I don't know, actually speak it well. Duh. So why is it that every native Spanish speaker that we've had in class has said afterwards that you speak horrid Spanish? Even after class is over and they're trying to talk to you alone? I don't care if you're descended from every Spanish-speaking country there is. Your grammar, sentence structure, accent, etc. suck. My little Irish grandmother speaks Spanish faster and with a better accent than you, and I don't think that she has ever really formally studied it. So there.

And besides being stupid, you're getting to just be...bizarre. For instance, let's talk about grades for a minute, shall we. So, you hate posting grades. I can't say that I entirely fathom why, but ok. But then our class goes to talk to the principal about your suckiness, and apparently she tells you that you have to post grades, and so there they are. Problem solved, right? Except that at parent-teacher conferences, things get interesting again. This is what happened at my parent-teahcer conferences:
You have a big stack of individual grade sheets printed out, like all the other teachers. But, you refuse to give my mom one. In fact, you don't even let her see it, you just read it off to yourself. Weird and obnoxious, but not that bad. So why is it that at my friend's parents' conference, you wouldn't give them a grade sheet on the grounds that you were 'busy, and I don't have the time to print out a sheet for every single one of my students.' Well, either you printed them out, or you didn't. Which is it? And if you didn't, then what was my mom seeing? I don't think that she's very prone to hallucinations, especially not of random grade sheets.

In short, please refer to my icon.

You lose at life.


ps- I really hope that at the end of the year, there's a teacher evaluation form. That would just make my year.

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