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For great justice indeed

A bunch of you've probably already seen this, but bitch gets what she deserves (hopefully). I don't know, usually I'd be really, really hesitant to definitively blame someone in an internets-related death, but this is different. The reason why I'd usually say that no one's really to blame is because the internet's usually semi-anonymous, and I think that it's hard to truly direct a personal insult at someone you don't actually know, even in cases of trolling. But when you know someone irl, know that she's much younger than you and mentally unstable, and you do shit like this anyway? Your fault when she turns up dead. Obviously that's not what Lori Drew's intent was, but knowing what she knew, she ought to have realized that it was a foreseeable consequence.

I wonder how Lori's daughter feels, knowing that her mom basically killed her ex-friend. But seriously, if you're an adult, and you decide to gang up on a thirteen-year-old just because you don't like the way she was acting? Not okay. (And seriously, who wasn't at least a little bitchy when they were thirteen? It's an awkward age.) Personally, I once had a friend who was extremely rude to me, but had she killed herself, I would have been devastated.

I suppose that realistically, it'll be an extremely difficult case to prosecute, but I think that just the fact that they're trying is a good thing.

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