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Gah, my head hurts. I didn't notice how much the headache meds were doing for me until I stopped taking them; now my head and neck are killing me, even two aspirin and two excedrin later. DX

I now want to ditch my glasses and get contacts, which would seem like a minor event were it not for the fact that I'm completely terrified of things touching my eyes. (Actually, I'm terrified of things touching my head and neck in general; I've failed to get a pair of really annoying moles removed several times just because they're on my neck.) Like, I can't even use eyedrops, so I have no clue how I'm supposed to manage this. (And the fact that you put in contacts yourself doesn't really help, since there will probably be other people in the room the first time I try them, and that alone tends to make me about a billion times more stressed out.)

I especially want colored contacts, specifically of an aqua color, but I don't know how likely that is to happen. Mom probably would disapprove for some unspecified reason, and since she'll be paying for this, her word is lawl. Le sigh.

Also, after all of these years months of shipping whoever I feel like in my fandoms, I've finally given in and become one of those shippers. You know, the ones who are rabidly convinced that their ship really, really is canon after all (and will burst into tears when/if it isn't), and can't bear to ship either character with anyone else than their obvious One Twu Lurve.


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