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Does anyone else do this?

I had a friend who I'd known since we were seven, and who I was close friends with for most of my life. However, I haven't seen her for about two years now, which is just as well since she pretty much went pyscho to the point where I couldn't stand to be around her anymore. In fact, I still have nightmares where she suddenly shows up and wants to be friends again.

Anyway. Lately, every time I meet or even hear about some new person on the internets, I instantly get completely paranoid that it's her, and have to go and prove to myself that it isn't. The weird thing is that I think that I always really do want it to be her, even though I don't want to see her. She had a lot of problems, so I guess that I'm half just looking for confirmation that she's even still alive.

But basically, I'm wondering: does anyone else have a preoccupation with the idea that they'll unknowingly run into somebody they know irl online?

Also! Another one! Lately, any time I read anything, as I read I mentally explain what's going on in the story to some imaginary person. It used to be aliens that I was explaining it to, now it's for some reason C. S. Lewis. Yeah, I have no idea, especially since nothing he wrote really interested me all that much. Please tell me that someone does something similar to this and that I'm not just going insane.
Btw, C. S. Lewis is very dubious about Clamp.

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