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Dear Lust, I miss you

First off, I never thought I would say this but... Winry's actually kinda hot. I'm baffled. Still don't like her though. I couldn't really say why, but she just gets on my nerves in inexplicable ways.

And I see Greed, Gluttony, Pride, and Wrath are all here. Envy and Sloth are accounted for, but I'm starting to get very anxious to see a new Lust. I mean, surely there's going to have to be one sooner or later... right? The idea of the promised day coming without all of the homunculi being there doesn't exactly make sense; if Father lets that happen, then he's clearly not exactly playing with a full deck, both figuratively and literally. After all, presumably it's to his benefit to have all the homunculi he can working for him, and from what we know of the last one, Lust seems pretty loyal. Is it just me, is that terribly ironic?

I'd almost say that a new Lust already exists and is being kept secret since she is pretty powerful (after all, she only got killed off so quickly because Roy is clever, determined, and very lucky), but that would be pretty unsatisfying as far as story goes. I have to think that new!Lust will be someone we already know. Lust!Riza would make me extremely happy even if she is a fanfic cliche, and it's a workable idea when you consider how much contact she already has with the homunculi. It wouldn't exactly be hard for them to abduct her or something, although I also imagine that it would be very tiring for them, since she'd continue shooting them indefinitely. Lust!Hohenheim! Wait, no, that wouldn't work. But it would be hilarious. ...Uh, how about Lust!Ran Fan? She and LinGreed/Greeling/whatever the hell he is now could get married and have little homunculus babies.

...Or we could just do Lust!Pinako and blow everyones' brains out in one go.

Ehem. Moving on.

I'm very amused at the thought of Ed having to actually go and talk with his father like a civilized person. I'm not actually quite sure if he can manage that. I'm also pleased at the way the plot is moving along like this. It seems to be one of those things that shounen manga do: have sudden, rapid periods of plot development, interspersed with periods of, uh, other crap.

On the other hand, I miss Roy. And Riza. The fact that they weren't in this chapter isn't really surprising given the huge cast of characters, but I was hoping they would be here nonetheless. And on that note, am I the only one whose starting to get a little irritated with the multitude of important characters? That's the thing that's making me not able to fully approve of everything about this manga right now; there are just getting to be so many people that I end up forgetting whose who and why I'm supposed to care.

...And even though they weren't in this chapter, I wanna know what's going to happen to Mei Chan and Envy in Xing. Actually, I'm a little surprised that this is happening at all. If I were Father, I would have plans in motion to assassinate any renegade or non-useful homunculi so that I could make new ones before the promised day. Eh, maybe he will, and he just wants to do it immediately before that happens so that Greed doesn't have time to rebel again.
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