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School + Naruto

I'm going to be moving into the new dorm in just a few hours~! It's very exciting, because it's four bedrooms arranged around a common area, meaning that this year I'll finally have some privacy. I was lucky to get into it too, since the building is new and of course everyone wants to live there. The odd thing is that although there's supposed to be four of us, Nicole's taking a leave of absence and Yanshuo (who was the one that got us the room anyway) is studying abroad in Ireland. We're getting a new roommate to fill one of the empty spaces, but the college is assigning one at random, so I won't have met her until later today. If she's one of the really, really social types of people that has to have their whole hockey team over 24/7, I might have to shoot myself, or possibly her.


I finally got through with reading Naruto. I was actually surprised by how not-horrible it was; from the way people talk about it, I was expecting it to make no sense whatsoever. However, the whole 'my super power is making people realize the value of friendship!' thing got old really fast. And wtf was that with Sai's xbawks change in personality? (PS- When the answer to any mystery is 'He meant to draw them holding hands and being happy,' that's when you know you need to put your pencil the fuck down and reconsider.) Sasori, however, is made of complete and utter win. I was surprised by how few times he actually shows up though, given how many fans he has. Go figure. Itachi also made me cry, which was unexpected since I didn't really care about him one way or the other until the end. :/ Shikamaru is also awesome for having more brain cells functioning at once than almost any other shounen character.
Also, someone please explain why everyone hates Karin. I mean, it's not like she's exactly a credible threat to the Sasuke/whoever's TWUUU LUUUURV OTP....
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