Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg (000_hester_000) wrote,
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

I can has!

Yay! I'm finally a contributing member of society! (Read: I finally got off my ass and got a job.) It's sort of exciting, actually. And scary. I start on Monday, and I'm worried I'm going to screw things up horribly. What if I accidentally scald one of the customers with an overflowing chai latte or something?

The college activities fair was yesterday. I ended up joining the queer club, and as a result now have a button that says DYKE in big letters pinned to my purse. Also, Pang, Sheng, and Linda kinda-sorta forced me to join the Asian Women's Association. ...Even though I'm, like, Irish and Norwegian and Finnish. Wtf.

I also got up the nerve to email Female Satan my scary ex-bff who I haven't talked to in ~2 years. I guess I finally got tired of having random dreams where I ran into her somewhere, and decided to try to go find her myself. It's gonna be weird if we start being friends again, because I was always very much the pushover, and I've gotten a lot bitchier since I last saw her (and she was always the reigning queen of bitchiness, thus Female Satan). OHSHIT! A challenger appears! Will anyone survive the final showdown of bitchiness?! I love how I call her Female Satan even though there's a pretty good chance I would direct her here if she asked what I do nowadays.

And wtf is with me and randomly meeting up with people lately? First Nicole; then Pang, Sheng, and Linda; and now this.

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