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Crack fanarts

Squee, scanner at last!

In which:
- The Uchihas win at ugly Christmas sweaters
- Pein and Konan get a makeover
- and Orochimaru, ahem, starts working nights *coughcough*

(So read: warnings for scary Orochimaru being a scary, washed-up looking hooker.)

(Apologies for the coloring fail; still not used to shooping.) For reasons that will probably remain mysterious, I harbor the belief that if Itachi were to be brought back to life, he would come back as one of those mildly annoying relatives who tries too hard to be nice but fails miserably.

Meanwhile, in the alternate universe where the Akatsuki shopping was done at Claire's instead of Hot Topic. (Hey, I know you remember the days when Claire's was the shit and you begged your mom to take you there.)

And, uh, this. It's the truth and we all know it. Maybe he had to take a second job after it turned that the Hidden Sound wasn't self-supporting. And come on, there's, like, no way it is. Would you hire Sound nin to do a job for you? Seriously? You'd say, 'Go get me some takeout,' and when you opened up your orange chicken you'd find that someone puked up snakes into it.
Tags: akatsuki frat house, art, crack, naruto, saint itachi
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