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Two nipples bad; six nipples good

So I told myself that I wasn't going to make a picture post until I had some, you know, actual art to upload. But then I finally gave in and got a dA account and having it empty is weird.

- Miscellaneous sketches of sandsibs and others
- 3 Crack!art in which: the Uchihas do exactly what they do in canon, a (presumably six-nippled) Sasuke nurses his kittens, and the real Nagato is unveiled.

Don't even look at Sakura. Srsly. Just pretend like you didn't see that weird... drawing... creature masquerading as her.

I tried watercolor again. I failed again. But hey. At least this is an accurate representation of canon.

There's kinda-sorta a story behind this, maybe.

Nagato is totally a /b/tard. This explains everything. (Okay, not really. But. Rinnegan is how you get the 4chan gold account.)
Tags: akatsuki frat house, art, crack, naruto, saint itachi

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