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Sufficient hatred

-- Classes start today. And I feel totally unprepared for them because I've been wanting to change my schedule around so I'm irritable at the thought of only going to the first day of a class and then dropping it. (Especially since the first day is always the worst because it's when they make you do all that standing up and introducing yourself shit.) But I can't make any changes until I talk to my adviser on Wednesday because she's the one who has my alternate PIN number for registration, which I have lost.

-- I feng shui'd my dorm room, which means it looks at lot bigger and a lot nicer now.

-- Yanshuo and Katie moved in yesterday. Yanshuo is so cute; I want to hug her. This will get awkward.

-- More than triple the amount of hours at work this semester = more than triple the amount of money = fuck yeah.

-- I think I broke the internet plug-in in my room. It was being stupid and refusing to work, so I kept on trying to jam in my cable, which eventually resulted in the part where it plugs in falling into the wall. So I used my tweezers as a screw driver and took off the faceplate and took everything apart to see what was wrong with it, but it's still not working. D<

-- AW LAWDY I AM SLOWPOKE. BUT. I've mostly been making fandom-related posts lately, so now is my opportunity to say OFFICIALLY FOR SURE NO MORE DUBYA EVAH. This means that hopefully someday with enough therapy I'll be able to unsee that horrible Dubya/Itachi dream I had because that was


-- I really hate Katy Perry for being on the radio all the fucking time.

1. Braith Summers
2. Brandy/Brandeee, Queen of Wyrd
3. Carmen
4. Celestine [I know there was a last name to this one, but I can't even remember it anymore]
5. Claire Fossil
6. Erica Cutter
7. Hannah Berenson
8. Hester Spillsburry
9. Joy
10. Lola
11. Lunelle Zero
12. Mary Vincetti
13. Kim
14. King Christina
15. Kitty (which is my irl name at school right now even though it doesn't make sense as a nickname for my actual given name)
16. Serena

=Wtf is wrong with me? I think I'm, like, afraid of telling people my real name or something. Either way I feel like a creepy person now. :/

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