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...Whut. No.

So I read this fanfic.

Itachi slid his hands away from kakashi thigh and father down his the man legs in, cupped his testicles ,which made kakashi whimper for more. Kakashi had now snap his gaze from the forest floor and was now looking straight into his eyes. Both Shargine lock on to each other eye's slowly trying to see into each other eyes.

But kakashi had notice Itachi feature were now clench ,the black magastamas in his cresion eyes started to rotate.

Itachi kidnaps Kakashi and rapes him. Apparently Kakashi is weirdly comforted by this(?) Sasuke also wants to rape Kakashi, and is pissed at Itachi about this instead of the whole 'killing the entire family' thing. Itachi has pillow fights with the rest of Akatsuki over Kakashi.

''Ita-chi ples-se sto-p.'' I hear him moan out in pleasure as my finger nails dug deep into his skin between his thigh,covering it with a scity crimson red blood that leaked down his leg.

I silently scoffed,did my doll really believe he could get away from me so easily. Using the blood as a lubricant I thrust a finger into his unexpected hole to halt his movements.

...Unexpected hole? Okay. Maybe this is teh proof for my crack theory that Kakashi is a chick. Or else Itachi is only used to being around people who don't have anuses.

Kakashi was still a virgin, he had been keeping secret from everyone. Without even realize it Itachi was taking something away from him by force. Even thought boy had told him he loved him,kakashi still wasn't ready for this. So when Itachi put the tip of his erection in kakashi,he had let out painful scream.

''AHH.'' kakashi screamed as he was filled with Itachi massive cock. He could feel his muscles wrap around the hard organ. Kakashi inadvertently tried to pull himself off the large manhood, but Itachi wrap a arm around him pulling him down by his waist forcing him to stay still.

Hello, my name is Itachi Massive Cock.

Sasuke pov...

Kakashi had step out the bathroom with a loosely fitting towel around his waist that barely stayed on his girls hips. Seductively I lick my lips as my indulge in the eye candy in front of me.

His nipples stood erect ,his hair was still damp an defended the laws of gravity. Got he look so fuckable right now. I could feel my pants come tighter just thinking about it.

More proof of Kakashi's feminine nature. Also, s/h/it likes to defend gravity!!1

Oh shite oh shit, I mental scream. I did not want to be left alone Sasuke perverted butt. Slowly I step back from him everytime he took a step forward. My back was now lending on a wall with Sasuke body hovering over me. He stood a foot taller than me towering at me with lust filled eyes. That reminded me Cobra staring down his prey.

How did Sasuke get so tall so quickly? Also, all of Kakashi's dialogue and thoughts in this are weirdly childish.

I did actually like this line, though:

Tobi is a good boy but Madara is not.'' Itachi lazily replied.

Sasuke punched Itachi agian, " Loins Barrage!" Sasuke made five clones one punched Itachi the other one kicked Itachi's head down and the others kicked three kicked itachi in the air. Then the real Sasuke helded Itachi's head down to make sure he stays down.

Sasuke's loins are dangerous. I guess. Or something. I don't even know anymore.

...Seriously though, next person who writes fic where Itachi is a rapist will get punched through a wall of fail. Wtf, people.
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