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Obligatory fandom friday post

1. Ichigo's really lookin kinda cool in this chapter. I love it.

2. A lot of people over at ulqui_hime seem to be upset about the fact that Orihime's freaking out over Ichigo. Um, yeah. Of course she is. You'd be upset too if a friend of yours who you really like and who has been risking his life to come and rescue you just got a fucking huge hole through his fucking chest. See, IchiHime irritates me too. I'm not sure why, but it just does. Anyway, it doesn't matter. This is not by any means an overtly shippy moment. For fuck's sake, people.

Orihime is a sweet person, sensitive, and generally not a total psychopath. So yeah, I imagine she's pretty upset. And while the whole BAAAWWWW KUROSAKI-KUN thing she does can be really annoying, I think that for the moment she has a pretty good excuse. She's basically in shock, so cut her some slack, seriously.

3. I know it probably makes me a bad person, but I would find it incredibly cool if Ichigo were dead. I mean, at the beginning of the series he had some personality to him, but recently... he's just become so much of a plastic teenage hero type that I don't care at all about what happens to him anymore.

4. Wtf Ishida's arm.

5. Ichigo's hair at the end makes me think that he wants to turn into Grimmkitty, or something. What's up with the people in this series and mullets, anyway?

6. I was so hoping that the daddies were going to step in and stop the fight after Ichigo got pwned. And Isshin would be like <3, and Ulquiorra would be like .__.;;, and Ryuuken would be like, 'Son, you suck. Let me show you how much cooler I am than you.' And it would have been awesome. Oh well, I guess there's still time....

7. Do you know what time it is? Looks like it's time for another


Oh goody! >.>
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