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Mom: The link you sent me wasn't one of the ones you can click on, so I couldn't look at it.
Me: You could've just copy-pasted it into the browser.
Mom: I don't think I know what that is. ;;
Me: ...

Me: Okay, I'll show you how to copy-paste at the same time when I help you with iTunes.
Mom: Will copy-pasting let me do something completely different while the music is downloading?
Me: Noooo.... Have you forgotten already?
Mom: Forgotten what?
Me: I was going to show you how to copy-paste things so you could open the link. >.>
Mom: Oh okay.

Me: So if you want to do something else while you're on iTunes, you just minimize the window like how you would any other time. And then you click whatever you want to do.
Mom: ???
Me: You don't know how to minimize the window?
Mom: I never do that.

Mom: Minimize? No, it just disappeared!
Me: No, it's down there, see?
Mom: Oh.

Mom: I tried to open the file, but it won't let me because it says I have to save it to disk.
Dad: Yeah, just save it to disk then.
Mom: But I don't have any disks.
Me: There are disks in the computer.
Mom: There are disks in the computer?????????


Generation Y > Baby boomers
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