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Note to self: do not ever, ever in the future go and get yourself checked into the fucking psych ward. You will not enjoy it. Really, you will not.

The only good part was that I got to meet a lot of interesting people. There was a guy who looked kinda like Brian Peppers and who had giant moobs-- that was interesting. I also had a room mate who was terrified of taking a shower because she was afraid she might fall over. But I should have thought of the fact that I get homesick really easily before I agreed to be checked in. And then when I did want to get home, I was really afraid that I wouldn't be allowed to go and I started crying, which obviously didn't make a good impression-- I almost got put on a 72-hour hold instead.

...The moral of which is: do not try to convince the ER docs that you are crazy, you really are. It doesn't end well. Facepalm.

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