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❥{The fucking giant pointless list that will kill you dead with the above-mentioned qualities}

I couldn't sleep, and this occurred as a result: a list of all the over 9000 fics I vaguely intend to write at some point or would if only there were that much time in the world. (Listed with fandom + characters, random snippets of poetry as always, and occasionally working titles.)

(Mostly for my own use, given that every time I make a paper list like this I end up losing it somewhere-- so feel free to ignore.)

❦ The Monarch -- Bleach, Ichigo +/ Rukia
❦ Bleach, Ishida + Ryuuken, death!fic
❦ Harlequinade // Divine Comedy Indeed -- AiGin
❦ Endless Blue -- Aizen: "This is how a god would begin in you, or anyone, or me."
 ❦ Cinders of the Sun -- Momo +/ Aizen, Momocentric: "I saw a tower today, built by a king of olden time to tame wild people and ensure his deathless fame; the tower an ivied ruin, and his name-- I do not know."
 ❦ Up In Smoke -- Bleach, UlquiHime
 ❦ Inheritance -- Count Cain, Cain
❦ What's in a Name? -- Count Cain, Jezebel
❦ Count Cain -- Jezebel and Freud. {Because I can and it would be awesome and you know it.}
❦ Three Times -- Count Cain, JezCass
❦ Still -- Count Cain, Owl
❦ Death Note, Yagami family: "I drink to our ruined house, to all this wickedness."
❦ Stronger Than Bone -- Death Note, Rem/Misa
❦ Death Note, Mello: "I will not haggle over the cost. You should take my money before I take it back."
❦ Born in Fire -- Dogs, Ernest
❦ FMA, Hohenheim: "They're putting all your names in their forbidden book; I see what they're doing but I don't want to look."
❦ FMA, Roy, Riza & co. + Scar: "You have to get dirty: what appreciate means is to price. After living a while you understand the ways you have to pay."
❦ Shadows in the Sun -- FMA, Riza + Pride
❦ Absinthial -- FMA, Scar/Lust
❦ Hetalia, Canada: "Bid her safe passage. A wave, a kiss, water lays down the path."
❦ Hetalia, France: "Someone should have shown you-- little jester, little teaser, blue-veined charmer, laughing-eyed, lionised, sylvan-princessly sinner-- to what point you would come"
❦ Strings -- Hetalia, Italy + Germany: "The days long prophesied have come to pass. The world has no more miracles. Don't break my heart, song, but be still: you are the last."
❦ Hetalia, Italy/Germany: "Fingerprints look like ripples because time keeps dropping another stone into our palm."
❦ Hetalia, Germany: "The warmest waters beckon and blind. Once I believed time could be owned, returned to, that I could find my childhood the way I find a grave."
❦ Hetalia, Germany + Prussia + Austria: "Black milk of morning we drink you at dusktime We drink you at noontime and dawntime we drink you at night we drink and drink We scoop out a grave in the sky where it's roomy to lie"
❦ Hetalia, Austria/Hungary: "I like to think I am remembering you. I like to think you don't forget."
❦ Hetalia, Sweden/Finland: "I can't begin to comprehend, whether it's day's end, or the world's, or where the deepest mystery ends."
❦ Hetalia, Lithuania/Poland: "Yes, she says. Perhaps I am. Then I shan't live long. But you, my dear Kostia, you'll grow very old, and that's not meant to be a reproach. You can laugh; but so can I."
❦ Breathe the Day -- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Akane
❦ Black Mirrors and the Nightingale -- Naruto, SasuSaku
❦ Naruto, Tsunade and Gaara
 ❦ A Small Thing, a Denial -- Naruto, ShikaTema
❦ Null -- Naruto, Hinata +/ Neji and NejiTen
❦ & Envy -- Naruto, Lee + Gaara
❦ Spark -- Naruto, Sandsibs: "Time is like a pomegranate, many-chambered, nothing like what I thought."
❦ Losing Battle -- Naruto, Gaara
❦ Watercolor Face -- Naruto, Haku: "While they ran white lipstick round their lips, white to announce they had no blood so any wound would leave no trace, as Eve's having nothing more to lose must have made her fearless."
❦ Small Blessings -- Naruto, Itachi + Sasuke
❦ Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami + Yuugi: "A lad that lives and has his will is worth a dozen dead."
❦ Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami + Yuugi + Jounouchi
❦ Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anzu: "How did Emerson behold of his Ellen, unembalmed face fallen in, of her white hands?"
❦ Love and Hubris -- Yu-Gi-Oh!, Blueshipping
❦ On Distant Stars -- Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ryou + Thief King Bakura
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