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Cuteness overload

First off, Happy Birthday, kalliel!

I almost completely forgot it was today. [/fail] If I had remembered I would have written you something or... something.... Ah screw it, I was planning on writing in the next day or so anyway.

Ok, and now I'm going to demonstrate my delicious flakiness by stealing the post that was ostensibly meant to be about your birthday for my own evil means. I always hate the way I look-- not so much, like, pure physical looks-wise, but more clothing/style-wise-- and for the past couple of weeks I've gotten really interested in gothic lolita fashion. Therefore, lots of pictures of cute lolitas under the cut:

I think this is so adorable. The only problem is the color; I would look awful in dark blue, unfortunately.
Everything about this is so cute too, especially the lacing on the back of her dress.
Yes, I do really like kuro-lolis.
If this doesn't just make you melt, then you are a bad person who has no soul.
The shoes and socks are the best part of the outfit, imo.
akdshirgdhrjr;; The cherries look at them! <3
I like the color a lot on this. I wonder if I could pull off a sort of burgundy like that, or is it too dark for my complexion?
Actually, I think I just like all of the lolita stuff that has a wintry feel like this.
I like the one on the left better.
And I like the middle one here, especially her hair.
The far right chick is the best of the bunch.
I don't like the leftmost one, but the other two are cute.
I believe this is what is known as liquid sex.
Seriously, tell me you wouldn't find it amazing to go out somewhere wearing one of these.
This is what I wanted to be when I was a little girl. And apparently still do want to be to this day.
I just don't know about the second one, but the first is cool. The second has so much potential, but... idk, all I can think is that her pants look really weird.
I'd hit that.
That too. She's so cute. X3
I could never, ever pull off shiro-lolita, but gosh... she looks amazing. Yes I did just say gosh and mean it. Stfu.
Omg Chii and Freya, is dat u???
Do very much want.
Somehow, my reaction is somewhere between 'lolwhut' and 'ahahahahayes.'
This one's sort of similar to the earlier one, but still extra-gorgeous.
*Spazz attack*
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but it is kinda cute.
The top few are nice, but the ones further down the page just get kinda... weird....
this one is by far the prettiest of the wa-loli/qi-loli ones I've seen. Just oh my God.
Their makeup annoys me, but the clothes are adorable in about 50,000 different ways.

And there is so much unbelievably adorable clothing just waiting for me to wear it. It's just a pity that I don't happen to have an
extra million yen lying around.

The moral of which is: that is awesome and I'd love to do it. I worry about how I'll ever get the money though, given that, especially if you buy brand name, egl clothing is pretty fucking expensive.

On a semi-related note, does anyone know how you can dye your hair a strange color and still have a job? Because I also feel this desire for pink hair right about now.

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