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I think I'm starting to get better (I was in serotonin withdrawal because I'm a moron and I went off my meds), so last night I went out with a couple of friends, including one that hadn't seen in ~3 years. I'm not entirely sure how good an idea that was, given that I've been insanely tired all day today because of that, but like I said-- I hadn't seen her in forever.

But now I feel kinda bad, not for any particular reason, but you know when you just feel generally guilty for having had a better life than someone else?

She's doing really well now; she's actually clean for once, which... ok, she has literally never been clean before in the entire time I've known her, not even once. And now she's living with a former foster family, which is probably also a good thing given that it means she's not living with her own birth family.

But in the time between now and the last time I saw her I've found out that she went through a lot of shit, and I feel like... like I ought to have something helpful or sympathetic to say, I guess, but I really don't since I've never been in her situation. Apparently she was a stripper for a while, and during that time some guy followed her home and raped her.... I really wish there were something useful I could do about that.

We also found out that we had both gone to the same psych ward, which was kinda funny. And apparently the one really annoying chick was also there when she was there.

I'm depressed too because I found out from her and my other friend that another person I haven't seen in a while and have been missing a lot has apparently gotten really weird and violent lately, so now I'm not sure if I dare to try to reconnect with them.

Also, ahahaha, I'm going to have to go back to class soon. I have so much shit to do if I want to finish out the semester on time. *Dies*

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