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It's Naruto fic quote time again!

“Stop Sasuke I’m pregnant” Itachi said pleadingly “don’t Sasuke please”

For the convenience of those around you, please do try not to Sasuke. Sasuke. It's what you do.

“Who are you pregnant with anyway?” Sasuke questioned, he knew it was obviously Kisame but he wanted to hear it from his brother. Itachi looked away from his brother.
“That’s none of your business” Itachi said meeting his brother’s eyes with intense glare.
“Either you tell me or you wont be having the baby” Sasuke threatened, he griped Itachi’s two arms and pinned him down tightly.
“What are you going to do Sasuke, Kill the unborn baby” Itachi asked holding back tears.


“You filthy whore” Sasuke told Itachi “you should have stopped him, after all you two were fuck buddies”
“Sasuke, please don’t talk like that. Me and Kisame don’t have that kind of a relationship” Itachi said angrily.
“If you don’t have that kind of a relations ship than why the hell are you pregnant with him” Sasuke scolded, looking at his brother with pure hatred.
“I didn’t get pregnant with him” Itachi screamed, he hated being accused of carrying Kisame’s child.
“Then who’d you get pregnant with” Sasuke asked curiously. He couldn’t put anyone in mind that would have a dangerous man like his brother to raise a child with.
“You really want to know Sasuke” Itachi’s eyes got teary and shook a little.
“Who?” Sasuke asked
“It was Naruto” Itachi smiled a little with tears running down his cheek.” You never wanted to be with him, so he came to me because I resembled your features a lot, although I wish he’d come for me only not because of you” Sasuke shook his head not believing Itachi. “I don’t think he knew I got pregnant so he never came back” with that Itachi started crying.

If Akatsuki doesn't already have a rule about its members getting pregnant by impossible means and behaving like dumbfucks because of it... well, it should.

The moral of which is:
A. Do not look for Uchihacest fic; the results will be bad.
B. But if you must break rule A, at least don't look for fic in which Sasuke tops or the results will be even worser..er....
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