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Apathy... it is the major driving force in my life, apparently ( can apathy even be considered a force? )

I've started taking naps during the day, even though I hate naps b/c they make me feel disgusting ( I couldn't explain why. They just do. ) It's like I'm so lazy that I can't even think of anything to do with my time. See, I love just lying in bed. But at the same time, it's very annoying. Sometimes I hear voices when I'm half asleep, and it's so irritating b/c it makes it so hard to concentrate. I think that they must be, like, figments of dreams or something. Dreaming occurs in REM sleep, which is a light form of sleep, so I'm guessing that that must be what it is. Still, it's quite annoying. There's a very cool, crisp sounding woman's voice that I have heard from time to time for a long time. I wonder why?

So now I must sound crazy, talking about voices in my head. But seeing as I only hear them when I'm close to sleep, I don't think that it's a problem. ( Except the one woman's voice-- I might have heard that one when awake, but I can't really remember for sure. But again, I only hear her like, once a year, so I don't think it really is an issue )

But srsly, why am I so frikkin lazy? I disgust me sometimes. It's like my whole life is a dream, so nothing really, truly feels real to me.

Or maybe I'm just being emo?

Sometimes, it's like things only get worse, the more I talk about them. I'm probably going to be afraid to go to sleep tonight for fear of voices. Oh well.

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