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I always pictured amaterasu as producing some weird black eye liquid instead of blood (I guess because the flames are black? Hell if I know, now that I think about it....), so I wanted to draw that. Although in retrospect it looks a bit more like his mascara's running.... Well, that's possible too, right? I refuse to believe that those lashes are natural.

I'm sorry for this. Not really. I've been wanting to draw this ever since I first heard the phrase italoli.

I was sort of iffy on whether to post this at all [it's going into my scraps on dA], seeing as it didn't turn out well at all, but then I figured that I might as well, if I was posting the other two. I used to think I was EXTREMELY TALENTED with charcoal pencil. Maybe not so much, ne? It didn't help that the cream-colored charcoal turned out like a gross yellow overlay when I had expected it to be more opaque. >.>

All right, while I'm posting these anyway, I'm also going to say that
A. I'm turning 20 tomorrow, and am a pathetic fangirl for feeling awesome about this mostly because my birthday is so close to Itachi's, and
B. I had my second most distressing Naruto-related dream ever last night-- for some reason, I had dream sex with Minato. I suppose that's probably a DO WANT in a lot of peoples' books, though... (My most disturbing Naruto dream was the one where I realized I for some reason had a notebook full of naked pictures of Orochimaru-- just as my mom was looking through said notebook.)
Tags: akatsuki frat house, art, crack, naruto, saint itachi
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