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Happiness meme -- day 7

We're redoing our front stoop so today the construction people came and jackhammered out the old one. It was probably really noisy, so to avoid that we packed up the cat and went over to my grandmother's. Buu (cat) was funny in the car-- it was the first time she'd ever been on such a long car ride without a cat carrier, and she cried the whole way there. Anyway.

We watched The Princess Bride, which Grandma had never seen before. Seriously, how is that even possible? I thought that everyone had seen that. I think that might be my favorite movie, or something. Like, you know when something makes you want to cry whenever you see it even though that makes no sense because it's A. happy, and B. a kids' movie? That's what that movie is for me. I have no fucking idea. For some reason, I think the background music makes me want to cry the most. Wtf. I really need to read the book of that.

Also, Grandma finished the first five volumes of Death Note. She thinks L may be part chimp.
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