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Happiness meme -- day 8

-- We went out to St. Thomas and St. Kate's to buy my books for fall semester-- well, the St. Kate's books weren't available yet, but fortunately the physics one was the one I really wanted anyway. Although it would also be really nice to be able to get my theology reading done over the summer....

-- I just caved in to peer pressure ;_____;

I started reading Hetalia, because everyone else is doing it. I wanna be one of the cool kids tooooooooo!!!! I think that as of the moment my reaction is about

20% Yay
20% Wtf is this shit
20% Lol Italy why do you suck so much?
20% This has a strange drawing style
20% I want my history teacher from spring semester to read this.
Tags: hetalia, oh god not a meme

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