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-- I finally got around to dyeing my hair this morning, although it didn't come out the color I wanted. ...Like, it doesn't look bad, but I wanted it blonde, and I guess my natural color is darker than I always thought it was, because the dye only got it a very light, "strawberry" sort of brown. :/ Oh well. Either way, pics when my dad gets back from the Yukon and I have a usable camera again.

-- As of today, I'm quitting ED. (Because I have no life and I can waste hours browsing random pages.) I quit 4chan about... seven months ago? That sounds right. It all makes me feel pathetic. I feel like I must be the only person to get addicted to non-RP-type websites. (Well, okay, I guess I'm in the same boat with all the 14-year-old tartlets. Which makes me feel so much better.)

-- My grandpa's probably going to die within a few... days? Weeks? It's sort of unclear. It makes me feel like a bad person, but I'm not upset at all. He never really meant anything to me, and I-- fairly or not-- blame his and my grandma's fail parenting for my aunt's death, so I just can't bring myself to care. Oh, vindictive.

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